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Providing the best Janitorial, carpet cleaning and tile cleaning services in Fresno and Clovis for over 25 years

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Our Core Values

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We provide the most thorough carpet cleaning, tile, and stone cleaning in Fresno and Clovis.

When your carpet and hard surface floors are in need of cleaning you have a choice to make. You can search the internet for a company that will give you the cheapest cleaning. Or you can find the company that will provide you with the best cleaning for your money.

Trusted & Experienced

You need a company that has the experience to properly handle all of your floor cleaning needs. Gold Standard Floor Care has been the trusted carpet cleaning company in Fresno for over 25 years. Cleaning carpets as well as cleaning tile and stone in some of the finest homes in the Fresno and Clovis area. Don’t trust just anyone to clean your floors. Hire the best cleaning company and you won’t need to worry about the results, It will be perfect every time.

Commitment to Quality

Quality carpet cleaning in Fresno as well as tile and stone cleaning is our top priority. We don’t concentrate on how fast we can finish but rather on what your flooring needs to look perfect. We are happy with nothing less than your complete satisfaction with your floor cleaning.

Fully Trained and Certified

Having the best carpet cleaning technicians in town means training needs to be a top priority. Gold Standard considers training to be of the utmost importance. Whether you need your wall-to-wall carpet cleaned or your stone floor cleaned and sealed, you can rest assured knowing that you have hired the highest trained technicians in the Fresno and Clovis area.

200% Risk-Free Guarantee

We guarantee that we will provide you with the most thorough cleaning you have ever had or it is FREE. But we don’t stop there. We are so confident that we provide the best carpet cleaning in Fresno and Clovis that if you feel that you did not receive the best cleaning ever. We will donate $100 to the charity of your choice for your trouble.

What Makes Us Different

Many consider floor cleaning a simple task involving a mop and a broom, but there’s a lot to it. 

Quality floor care and cleaning have many aspects, depending on your property’s flooring. Be it carpet flooring, wooden flooring, or tiles, every type requires a different form of cleaning that may not be done as a DIY activity. 

Professional home cleaning involves a lot of hard work and deep knowledge of cleaning solutions, procedures, techniques, and materials.

The first step is to approach a professional cleaning company like Gold Standard Floor Care, which provides the most thorough carpet and hard surface floor cleaning in Fresno and Clovis for a clean, shiny, and spotless floor. 

With us, you can be assured of getting quality cleaning service from the highest trained technicians in Fresno and the Clovis area. Our commitment to quality and risk guarantee service features can vouch for their ultimate genuineness.  

Contact Gold Standard Floor Care for top-notch cleaning quality at affordable rates.

How Our Floor Cleaning Services Work

Floor cleaning is a very specialized form of cleaning that requires attention to the type of floors and usage of the cleaning material and equipment according to that type. 

Hence, it is crucial to hire experts with deep knowledge and understanding of the different types of floors and who are experienced in their working arena. 

Tile, Granite, Marble, Travertine, and Aggregate floors require specific cleaning methods, as different stone type has other properties.

Also, improper cleaning material can easily damage certain types of stones. The surfaces can become rough, dull, and damaged if wrong maintenance procedures are used. 

To restore the shine of such surfaces, you need professional cleaners to do the job. 

Contact Gold Standard as they have adequate knowledge and expertise on how to restore them to their former glory. We first ascertain the type of flooring, determine the damage and then start the cleaning process using the best and most appropriate forms of cleaning materials. 

We will also guide you on how to take care of different floors and their maintenance hacks.

All of our services

Carpet Cleaning

We provide both residential and commercial carpet cleaning in Fresno and Clovis area

Tile and Grout Cleaning

You don’t need to stare at dirty grout anymore Tile and grout cleaning and sealing is one of our specialties.

Furniture Cleaning

Your fine fabrics are in good hands. We offer complete furniture cleaning services.

Office Cleaning

Our all-inclusive office cleaning services will ensure that your office is clean from top to bottom year-round

Stone Cleaning and Sealing

We specialize in all types of stone floors. Marble, Granite, and Travertine cleaning is available with amazing results.

Pet Accidents

Pets can cause a lot of damage to our floors. We offer full-service pet damage restoration services.

Wood floors

As wood floors get soiled they can start to lose their luster and beauty. We can restore the beauty of your wood floors safely with our specialized wood cleaning system.

Hard Surface Sealing

Protect your surfaces with our expert hard surface sealing services. Shield against damage and maintain durability for lasting beauty.

Shawn was prompt to our scheduled appt, courteous, and professional. My 30-year-old carpets and stairs look brand new! He was so polite and worked quickly and efficiently. HIGHLY Recommend! Will definitely be using this company again when it’s time to refresh our tile floors.

Cara Ford

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