carpet cleaning fresno

Gold Standard Provides Carpet Cleaning in Fresno and Clovis that is Second-to-None.


Not all carpet cleanings are created equal.

Many consumers assume that all carpet cleaning companies are providing the same service.  Unfortunately, that assumption is simply not true.  New fibers are entering the flooring industry all the time, all with their own unique properties and requirements. It has become very difficult, if not impossible to clean carpet without proper training and education. A lot of carpet cleaning done locally is entrusted to cleaners that have not been properly trained and certified. When you are looking for a carpet cleaner, make sure you first ask to see certification as well as asking how they have been trained to perform a proper carpet cleaning in your home.

carpet cleaning fresno

Spots and Stains:

Life Happens

We all do our best to avoid making a mess on our carpet. Yet, we all know the inevitable spills and track marks will occur. It could be a dinner party, or a family pet, or maybe one of our kids coming in after being outside—it simply can’t be avoided. Gold Standard does have a solution for almost anything.

carpet cleaning fresno

Due to many advancements in cleaning technology, things that would have called for creative furniture placement can now be removed i.e. red wine, ink, copy toner, and many other once “impossible” stains. The next time life happens, contact Gold Standard and we’ll be happy to help.

carpet cleaning fresno

Wait, don’t we just need to rinse the dirt out of the carpet?

The simple answer is NO. Cleaning carpet is more than just rinsing the dirt out. The truth is, most of the soil in your carpet is “dry” meaning it can be simply vacuumed away with a normal vacuum. Yet the soils that aren’t dry cannot simply be rinsed out, contaminants such as: oils, food, smoke, grease, and outdoor pollution. Compare it to what would happen if you just run your clothes through a rinse cycle in your washing machine? To make things worse, the new fibers and protectors added to your carpet forbid the use of many cleaning detergents commonly used in the cleaning industry. Many carpet cleaners you find locally will use these detergents even though doing so will damage your carpet permanently. Plus you don’t want just any chemical around your family, you want it to be safe. The carpet manufactured today is temperamental. Your carpet warranty could be voided by a cleaning professional using the wrong cleaning product or cleaning technique on your new carpet. This could also prevent the way your carpet was designed to repel stains such as red wine and other unfortunate mishaps. The new carpets perform very well from the factory, but that performance can be washed away by one improper cleaning. It is critical that you use a trained qualified carpet cleaner that has experience and knowledge to deal with these issues.

You can rest assured that Gold Standard will safely and effectively clean your carpet. We are trained and experienced to handle all types of carpet, ranging from New Zealand wool to SmartStrand,

Every carpet cleaning from us gets the Gold Standard 7 step cleaning process!

FACT: Up to 80% of soil is dry soil and can be removed with a thorough vacuuming. If water is applied to the carpet before vacuuming, the result will be mud that in turn will be very difficult to remove during the rest of the carpet cleaning process.


A pre-treatment designed specifically for your type of carpet will be applied wall-to-wall in all of the rooms to be cleaned. This will loosen the soils that have become bonded to the carpet fibers. If this step is not done, these soils will not be removed during the extraction step.
The carpet will be agitated with a brush either by hand or power. This will further loosen the soil that has bonded to the carpet fibers being cleaned. After this step, the soil is no longer bonded to the fiber of the carpet and is ready to be removed. This is one of the most important steps in the cleaning process, as well as one of the most neglected.
All of the soil and the cleaning products used in the prior stages are removed, leaving a fresh and clean carpet with no soil or detergent residue left behind. We at Gold Standard Floor Care always use a double extraction technique to achieve the best cleaning possible.
After all of the cleaning is finished and your carpet looks great, I will do one final step: your carpet will be groomed. This will remove any footprints and cleaning marks that have been left during the prior cleaning steps resulting in a stunning finished product,
I will set up your house to achieve the fastest drying possible, whether in the heat of summer or in the cold of winter. I always strive to have your carpet dry quickly so you can be back to normal as soon as possible.
carpet cleaning fresno

Carpet Protectors

One question that I get quite a bit is: “Do carpet protectors really work?”  Well, ask yourself this—would the carpet industry spend millions of dollars on carpet protectors if they did not work?  Would they apply them to all of the carpet that they manufacture if they didn’t work? So, the answer is “Yes, they do work!” They work very well at what they are designed to do. Carpet protectors are made to repel liquids as well as dry soil and oils. However, not all carpets need to have their protection re-applied. Gold Standard always checks first to see if a re-application is necessary during repeat visits. Don’t take chances—spills are going to happen.

carpet cleaning fresno
carpet cleaning fresno