Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Fresno & Clovis, CA

We Specialize in creating a plan to keep your facility looking great for the entire year.

Because you never get to make a great second impression. 

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     Dirty floors can do more than make a bad impression. They can lead to dirty air in your office building carrying many contaminates. Studies have shown that the indoor air quality of a building can have a dramatic affect on the work performance of the employees that work there. The carpet in your building acts like a filter, and when that filter is full it needs to be emptied. If it’s not emptied — the contaminates will make their way into the air in your office leading to unacceptable air quality.

     A commercial carpet cleaning professional must understand factors that are different from residential carpet cleaning, such as poor ventilation leading to possible prolonged dry times.  If the carpet in your office is glued down without padding, it makes it very difficult to remove a sufficient amount of moisture from the carpet during extraction. Fortunately, there have been many advancements in the commercial carpet cleaning industry over the past few years. Such advancements make it possible to clean commercial carpet with great results, without the pitfalls of yesteryear.

Get on a commercial carpet cleaning plan so your carpets never look dirty again.

Don’t leave the carpet cleaning of your facility up to chance. You have better things to worry about than trying to find a commercial carpet cleaner in Fresno and Clovis that is able to handle cleaning your building carpets. At Gold Standard Floor Care we will create a custom cleaning plan specifically for your facility so you never need to think about cleaning carpets in your building again. Commercial carpet cleaning is one of our specialties. We leave nothing to chance so you never have to think about it again. Best of all the carpet in your building will be clean year around not just once a year. If you are wondering what a cleaning plan looks like just give us a call and we would be happy to take a look at what you have and create a custom plan just for your facility.

What does a commercial carpet cleaning plan look like?

On Call Spot Cleaning

Depending on the cleaning plan you choose you can receive spot cleaning on call. If somebody happens to drop a cup of coffee, and your scheduled cleaning is still 3 weeks away don’t worry we will clean it up within 48 hours of the call. Just ask which plans include on call spotting.

Customized Facility Cleaning Map

You will receive a custom color-coded map of your facility so you can at a glance see which areas need more attention. We will use this map to plan and coordinate your personalized cleaning schedule.

Carpet Cleaning Scheduled For The Whole Year

You will receive a yearly cleaning schedule that will include all dates and times of when your carpet cleanings will take place. Once the calendar is complete and approved you will not have to worry about scheduling any more cleanings.

Easy Payment Options

Choose the plan that works best for your individual needs and your cleaning budget. You can save by paying for the year upfront or stretch your budget with twelve equal payments. Either way, you will never need to think about when and how to get your commercial carpet cleaning done again.

Why you should have a carpet maintenance plan?

Carpet cleaning equals cost savings


Commercial carpet is one of the highest-cost consumables that any facility will purchase. Also, the cost of replacement can run into many thousands of dollars in addition to the product cost. Therefore it is imperative that a plan is in place to ensure that the carpets in your facility will last as long as possible. When it comes to carpets it is easy to let things slip, and before you know it the carpet is in bad shape. This not only looks bad but it will shave years off of the potential lifespan of the carpet. A good maintenance plan will prevent premature wear and will keep the carpet looking great year around.


a good commercial carpet cleaning plan can double the life of the carpet.

530 billion



Clean carpet leads to a healthy workplace.

Commercial carpet cleaning isn’t just for looks. Every year illness-related lost productivity costs, employers, $530 billion per year. A healthy clean workplace can aid you in keeping your productivity high and your employee sick days low.  A good cleaning plan can reduce the amount of allergens that build up in the carpet fibers. As a result, the indoor air quality will be significantly improved. 

Unkept carpet makes a bad impression

one-tenth of a second is how long it takes to make your first impression. What a potential client sees in that sort period of time makes a lasting impression. It can make the difference between gaining the confidence of a new customer or sending them away with a negative perception of your facility. Having a plan for the cleaning of your commercial carpet will make big difference in how your client perceives your company. Don’t leave it up to chance, have a plan made today so you know that you will always be ready to make that great first impression.


  • Would think adversely about a long-term care facility with dirty carpet 72% 72%
  • Would form a negative perception of a hotel with dirty carpet 80% 80%
  • Would think negatively about office buildings with unkempt carpet. 64% 64%
  • Would form a negative perception of a company or organization if its facility had dirty carpet 93% 93%