First Impressions Are Lasting.

Dirty floors can do more than make a bad impression. They can lead to dirty air in your office building carrying many contaminates. Studies have shown that the indoor air quality of a building can have a dramatic affect on the work performance of the employees that work there. The carpet in your building acts like a filter, and when that filter is full it needs to be emptied. If it’s not emptied — the contaminates will make their way into the air in your office leading to unacceptable air quality.

A commercial carpet cleaning professional must understand factors that are different from residential carpet cleaning, such as poor ventilation leading to possible prolonged dry times.  If the carpet in your office is glued down without padding, it makes it very difficult to remove a sufficient amount of moisture from the carpet during extraction. Fortunately, there have been many advancements in the commercial carpet cleaning industry over the past few years. Such advancements make it possible to clean commercial carpet with great results, without the pitfalls of yesteryear.

The Valley’s Trusted Commercial

Carpet Cleaner for Over 25 Years…..

Gold Standard feels when your office carpet is cleaned, it should stay clean. We make it possible for you to choose a custom maintenance plan to fit your needs. Whether your office has five employees or 2,500, we will create a plan to keep your carpet looking fresh all-year long.

Gold Standard has cleaned some of the most challenging carpets in the industry for some of the best companies in the valley.  Satisfied clients include:

-Herb Bauers Sporting Goods

-Riverpark Bible Church

-Dr Ruby D.D.S.


-New Covenant Church

-Phys Med Physical Therapy & many others