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Countertop Cleaning & Sealing Experts

Countertops made of granite are a stunning addition to any home. Because granite lasts long, you can admire its style for many years.  Sadly, granite will gradually lose its luster and shine over time. A sealer sprayed during installation may wear thin over time, allowing liquids to leak into the granite countertop. The appearance of granite can be drastically altered by the accumulation of grime, bacteria, and watermarks.

To help preserve the value of your investment, granite countertops require regular care, including cleaning and sealing. DIY remedies are plentiful, but they can cause more harm than good. Most have abrasive or harsh components that scratch the granite and dull the sheen. You should employ a professional to get the best results from cleaning and sealing your granite countertops. If you want the best countertop care, go no further than Gold Standard. Our granite specialists will carefully clean and seal your stone counters and countertops. To prevent further damage to your granite, have it professionally cleaned and sealed.

 Professionals specializing in granite cleaning and sealing may assess the current condition of your hard surfaces and recommend a course of action that will yield the best results. We will work with you to develop a routine for keeping your granite looking great with stone-friendly cleaning products after we’ve cleaned and sealed it. Keep the surface as dry as possible and clean it regularly; these are just a few maintenance suggestions our granite cleaning and sealing specialists will offer.

Clean, Protect, and Seal Granite Surfaces

Having granite countertops in your kitchen is a surefire way to raise the style and elegance factor, but only if you take proper care of them. Thorough cleaning and using a sealer to protect the surface prevent further damage. Granite that has been stained, scratched, engraved, cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged can be restored to its original luster by the experts at Gold Standard Floor Care. Many interior designers, countertop installers, real estate agents, and stone retailers recommend Gold Standard Floor Care as their “best cleaners” when their customers need granite cleaning or sealing services.

Gold Standard Floor Care’s professionals are trained to polish, seal, clean, and protect natural stone surfaces such as countertops, and floors. However, sealing your granite countertops is the best way to protect them from stains and etching. If you want your granite to last longer between cleanings, it should be sealed after it has been restored and cleaned. This goes for granite countertops, floors, and walls. Although it’s a hard stone, granite has many pores. A stone that has not been sealed runs the risk of being discolored by accidental spills or splatters. These stains are usually easy to remove, but granite stain removal can be laborious, pricey, and annoying. An easy and low-cost solution to keep your granite surfaces in good condition and free of unsightly stains is to have them sealed. You can reach us at any time for further details.


Our Granite Countertop Cleaning Process

Granite counters are long-lasting and fashionable. They are beautiful, heat resistant, and will survive for centuries in your kitchen. Nonetheless, despite their resilience, they need extensive maintenance. While granite countertops need to be handled gently, they clean up easily. Having your granite counters cleaned and polished is a breeze thanks to our skilled cleaning service. As you might expect, we’re concerned with aesthetics. But it’s equally important that our homes have healthy and safe environments. Our Granite Cleaning procedure provides a comprehensive clean that is effective against bacteria, grime, and other residues. After we’re done cleaning, you won’t have to worry because we only use food safe solutions. Your counters will also be sealed to prevent residue from seeping into the surface.

 When we clean, we employ our specialized knowledge, skills, materials, and techniques to restore the original appearance of your countertops. No dull haze or film will be left behind by our cleaning and sealing products. Cleaning granite is a joy for us. When we clean, we get down to the dirt. We employ a granite cleaning product designed specifically for removing grime, and residue without increasing the abrasiveness of the scrubbing process. Heavy scrubbing causes functional harm and dulls the surface; therefore, we avoid it. Even if oil or residue has become firmly buried in your surfaces, we will try our utmost to eliminate it.

Why Choose Us?

Professionals in the granite sealing and cleaning industries are the best for this work. Avoid escalating the situation by attempting DIY repairs unless you’re confident in your abilities and the specifics of the issue. These days, you can find a wide variety of granite-specific cleaners and sealants on store shelves. Maintaining granite countertops with regular sealing and cleaning is essential to preserving their beauty and extending their useful life. For this reason, hiring a professional granite sealing service is best. The best way to protect the granite from water damage, which is less severe than damage from acidic agents or chlorides, is to seal it with an appropriate sealing solution. Granite countertops need to be cleaned and sealed regularly to keep them looking brand new.

Our years of experience in the field mean we know just what to do to get the most satisfactory outcomes when sealing or cleaning granite countertops. We’re quite pleased with the results. When you engage us, we’ll send a team to your location to assess your cleaning needs, create a plan tailored to you, and get to work immediately. Our expert cleaners are committed to exceeding your service quality, communication, and cleanliness expectations. For more information, schedule a meeting by calling Gold Standard Floor Care today!