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I Need upholstery cleaning in Fresno who do I call?

What is your furniture made out of, cotton, wool, acrylic, nylon, polypropylene, polyester?  How should your upholstery be cleaned?  You read the tag under the cushion, and now you are really freaked out.  What in the world is dry cleaning?  You can’t very well load your sofa up and take it to the dry cleaner.  You don’t want to just have anyone clean your furniture.  What if they ruin it?  How about you just don’t use it, then you wont ever have to clean it.

So what is possible.

Well its hard to say without knowing your Particular situation.  Certain fibers will respond better than others.  Natural fibers are more difficult to clean than synthetic fibers, and others are almost impossible to clean effectively no matter what you do. So why do I tell you this?  Because it is of utmost importance that you take caution when hiring an upholstery cleaning professional in Fresno. I see fabrics that have been damaged by untrained and unqualified cleaning companies all the time.  Never hire a company over the phone to clean your furniture, and never hire a company that can’t provide you with proof of certification in fine fabric cleaning.  Gold Standard  will never quote you over the phone and you can view our certification on this website.


Give your fabrics a fighting chance against stains

We have all heard of stain protection for carpets but what about furniture.  Fabrics react very will to various types of stain protection.

What does it do?

The less complicated answer is that it makes the fabric less absorbent to liquids, and less sticky to dry soil.  So when you spill that glass of wine on your white sofa you don’t have to panic but you can simply soak it up with a towel.  A properly applied stain protector can make all the difference when life happens.  And lets face it life is going to happen.  So after you have your upholstery cleaning done ask about fabric protection for your furniture as well.

Upholstery Cleaners Fresno

Take a deep breath and relax. Gold standard provides the best upholstery cleaning in Fresno.

Yes all of those fibers are used in furniture fabrics, and require certain knowledge as to how they need to be cleaned.  Some fibers can turn brown is cleaned improperly, others you can hose down in the driveway and be just fine.  Don’t take any chances with your furniture.  An inexperienced technician can quickly get into trouble that can’t be reversed.  It is imperative that you use a company that has taken the time to gain knowledge and training in fabrics and proper methods for cleaning furniture.  Gold Standard is that company.