How We deliver Gold Standard Janitorial to your Office

Making Janitorial services easy and pain free.

Janitorial cleaning

Hard Surface Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning


Upholstery Cleaning

Step 1

Give us a call and tell us what you are in need of.

Step 2

Set up a time for your consultation. This will take between 20-45 minutes. Make sure somebody who makes the buying decisions for the company is available to evaluate the needs of the company during the consultation.

Step 3

Receive your building evaluation. We will come out and evaluate the needs of your building as well as your expectations and requirements. This will include measuring all areas and inspecting the current cleaning practices that are being employed.

Step 4

Evaluate your options. We will present you with several cleaning plans to choose from as well as our professional recommendation. We will be available to answer any questions about the scope of work and price to achieve the best result for your building.

Step 5

Building your dedicated team. Gold Standard will put together a dedicated team to handle the cleaning of your facility. They will be specifically trained to handle the needs and expectations set during your consultation.

Step 6

Relax!  you’re done, we will handle everything that needs to be done.

What does a commercial janitorial plan look like?

On Call Spot Cleaning

Depending on the cleaning plan you choose you can receive spot cleaning on call. If somebody happens to spill a cup of coffee, and your scheduled carpet cleaning is still 3 weeks away don’t worry we will clean it up within 48 hours of the call. Just ask which plans include on-call spotting.

Customized Facility Cleaning Map

You will receive a custom color-coded map of your facility so you can see at a glance which areas need more attention. We will use this map to plan and coordinate your personalized cleaning schedule.

Carpet Cleaning Scheduled For The Whole Year

If your plan includes carpet cleaning. You will receive a yearly cleaning schedule that will include all dates and times detailing when your floor cleanings will take place. Once the calendar is complete and approved you will not have to worry about scheduling any more cleanings.

Easy Payment Options

Choose the plan that works best for your individual needs and your cleaning budget. You can save by paying for the year upfront or stretch your budget with 2, 6, or 12 equal payments. Either way, you will never need to think about when and how to get your commercial floor cleaning done again.

Why should you have a janitorial maintenance plan?

A clean facility equals cost savings

 In the realm of facility management, janitorial cleaning plays a pivotal role in preserving the longevity and cost-efficiency of your space. A lack of proper janitorial maintenance can lead to increased expenses over time. Facility surfaces, devoid of a proactive cleaning plan, are susceptible to wear and tear, impacting both aesthetics and long-term costs.

Without a proactive janitorial cleaning strategy, your facility may quickly exhibit signs of wear, negatively affecting its overall appearance. This not only projects an unprofessional image but can also accelerate the aging process of surfaces. A well-executed janitorial maintenance plan acts as a shield, preventing premature wear and ensuring that your facility consistently maintains a polished and inviting ambiance.



a good commercial carpet cleaning plan can double the life of the carpet.


Of shoppers surveyed said they had walked out of a store due to poor physical appearance and disorganization.

Great Janitorial leads to a great image.

Investing in professional janitorial services is not just about cleanliness; it’s a strategic decision to protect your facility’s assets and control long-term costs. Our comprehensive janitorial solutions are tailored to enhance the longevity of your space, fostering a clean, welcoming environment that positively contributes to your business image without the need for costly replacements.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

One-tenth of a second is how long it takes to make your first impression. What a potential client sees in that short period makes a lasting impression. It can make the difference between gaining the confidence of a new customer or sending them away with a negative perception. Having a plan for the cleaning of your facility will make a big difference in how your client perceives your company. Don’t leave it up to chance, have a plan made today so you know that you will always be ready to make that great first impression.


  • Employees said they looked forward to coming to the office and half said they worked harder as a result of having a better organised office. 65% 65%
  • Employees believe workplace cleaning protocols are very or somewhat important. 89% 89%
  • People would avoid a business in the future if they encountered dirty restrooms. 94% 94%
  • Would form a negative perception of a company or organization if its facility had dirty carpet and floors 93% 93%