Our pets can make quite a mess. If you have a pet you probably need pet odor removal.

We have treatments for pet odors as well as stains.
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 Pets are family too.

Your family is our family.


Our pets hold a special place in our hearts and our family.  So what do we do when our four legged friends aren’t quite as clean as we would like them to be. It doesn’t need to feel like the end of the world when our pets have an accident on your carpet or furniture. We at Gold Standard Floor Care have researched the best products available in the industry do remedy these types of problems. The worst thing anyone can do when a mess happens is panic. Staying calm is critical. When we panic we are more likely to make more of a mess. Whatever you do don’t go empty out all of the chemicals from under the kitchen sink and start trying every combination known to man. What you need to do is stop and take a deep breath, then give us a call. Many times we will be able to help over the phone to guide you to where you need to be without damaging your carpet. All you need to do is ask, we are happy to help.

Pet Spots Aren’t Like Other Spots.

Specific spots demand specific knowledge.

Pet spots such as urine or feces require specific and specialized techniques and cleaning agents to effectively remove.

So whats so special about these spots anyway?

Well some spots such as urine when fresh can cause little problem just simply rinse and your done.  However let that same spot dry and your in for a fight.  When it dries urine turns into crystallized ammonia.  Which not only  won’t be removed with normal cleaning agents, it can permanently remove color from your carpet.  Not to mention that it smells.  Gold Standard has the knowledge to handle these challenges and has the equipment to permanently remedy any situation you may have in your home.

So remember when your pets have caused you to be a little overwhelmed with how to clean up after them, give me a call and I will be happy come to your home and evaluate your situation.  No matter if you  have a big problem with a tiny cat or a small problem with a big dog.  I will locate, evaluate, and remedy any problem you may have. 

Pets can make quite the mess.

Whether Fido couldn’t quite make it outside, or fluffy had a little indigestion.  I have experience with whatever accidents your pets could possibly have had.  Yes some stains can cause permanent damage to your carpet, but most of these spots have a very good chance of removal.  What must be understood about pet stains is that not all stains are created equal.  Some only require a simple cleaning with normal cleaning detergents.  While others need special treatment with specialized cleaning agents.  No mater what the stain is rest assured that I can and will remove any stain that can be removed.

How can I stop my dog from urinating on the carpet? 

Luckily I have an article just for you! Just click here and I will let you know how to correct this behavior.