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These products are the only products that I recommend using in your home. I have personally tested them and know that they work and will help you to keep your home clean.

The links provided are my personal amazon affiliate links I have tried to search for the best quality products for use in your home or office.

Daily stone and tile cleaning

This is the best product to use when cleaning your tile, grout, and stone. It is safe for all types of stone and is designed with sealer in the product to reseal your stone or grout as do your cleaning.

Stone and glass scrub

If you need to deep clean your granite this is the product you need to use. It is designed to remove soap scum as well as water spots from your counters. It will also work well to remove water spots from showers.

18 inch micorfiber mop system

This is the system I recommend for both tile and wood floor daily cleaning applications. The one is 18 inches wide which is great for larger areas and comes with 3 wet mops and one dust mop. The handle also telescopes so it is always the right size no matter who is using it.

Grout brush

Don’t get on your knees to clean your grout anymore. This brush is the one I use to clean your grout lines. Simply attach it to any broom handle and you have a great brush to use when your grout starts to get soiled.

Squeaky wood floor cleaner consentrate

This is the recommended cleaner for your wood floors as well as laminate and vinyl plank floors. It is a powerful cleaner that will remove the soils that are making your floors look bad.

Extra 18 inch microfiber mop heads


If you have a larger home you will want to change your mop heads so you don’t just spread around the dirt. This three-pack of 18-inch mops will let you change pads more often and will result in a cleaner floor.

Coutertop Pollish

When your stone countertops start to look dull this is the product to help with that. It will bring back the shine as well as the smooth finish you love on your stone. It will also help prevent water spots and hard water stains.

Squeaky wood floor cleaner

This is the same product as the squeaky concentrate but in a ready-to-use formula so you will not have to mix it yourself. It comes with one spray bottle and one gallon of ready-to-use product so you can fill the sprayer when it’s out.