Services for every occasion. 

Gold Standard Floor Care can help with any situation.

Whether you need an antique rug washed, or are an expectant parent wanting your flooring thoroughly cleaned prior to your new arrival—we can help.

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All of our cleanings come with our 200% no-risk guarantee.



Gold Standard Floor Care will give you the most thorough cleaning you have ever had or it is FREE. Plus we will donate $100 to your favorite charity for your trouble.

Residential Carpet

Gold Standard is qualified to service a new wool Berber or deep shag carpet from the ’60s. We are dedicated and experienced in providing an in-depth cleaning beyond your expectations.


Solid -or- engineered wood?  Which do you have? Some homeowners don’t know. Gold Standard is here to help you with these questions and educate you on the best way to clean and protect your particular wood floor. I use several different methods to help keep your wood floors looking great for years to come.

Office Cleaning

Experience spotless perfection with our janitorial cleaning services. Our dedicated team ensures impeccable cleanliness, leaving no detail overlooked. From sweeping elegance to germ-free spaces, we redefine hygiene standards. Choose us for a sparkling, sanitized, and welcoming atmosphere. Elevate your surroundings with our expertise, where cleanliness meets excellence.

Commercial Carpet

You never get a second chance to make a good impression. Don’t let a dirty floor give the wrong impression about your company. My job is to make your floors look good all year-round. Call me and I will show how your company can make a lasting impression.

Fine Fabrics

Fine fabrics, natural fiber, new synthetics, and other fibers are all familiar to us at Gold Standard. Whether you desire to remove pet odor or perform a heavy duty cleaning on dad’s favorite recliner, we are the company for you.

Wool Rugs

FACT: Three pounds—that is how much dry soil or sand can be embedded in every square foot of a wool rug before it will even look dirty. Rugs can be a lovely addition to any home. Regardless of their country of origin, they can be delicate and easily damaged in the hands of an untrained or unqualified cleaning company. Gold Standard can be trusted to treat your rugs with care.

Stone Counters

Stone counters are a beautiful addition to any home. A misconception about stone is that it needs no maintenance since it is a rock. That is a good point and is partially true, but not entirely. I would be happy to teach you the particulars about your type of stone and how to care for it.

Floor Waxing

Revitalize your space with our expert floor waxing services. We bring dull floors to life, delivering a glossy, durable finish that exudes professionalism. Our skilled team meticulously applies high-quality wax, enhancing aesthetics and protecting surfaces. Elevate your space with our floor waxing expertise, where brilliance meets durability.

Hard Surfaces

Today’s home will have a variety of hard surfaces, such as granite, marble, quartz, travertine, and vinyl to name a few. To clean these surfaces properly, a company needs to employ special equipment and cleaning products. Gold Standard is proficient in all of the current methods to provide you with the most thorough cleaning possible.


Pet Mishaps

We love our pets. They are part of our family.  They can however be the messiest part of our family.  Sometimes it’s a new puppy that has come to its forever home, or sometimes an elderly pet that has brought years of joy to your home. No matter what member of your family might have had a mishap, Gold Standard would love to help clean it up.


Aggregate or Pebbletech® floors are unique in the flooring world and require unique equipment. Many companies attempt to do aggregate cleaning with carpet cleaning equipment. Such cleaning methods will result in sub-par cleaning, as well as prolonged dry times. Gold Standard uses the proper equipment to perform aggregate cleaning in Fresno and Clovis