Fresno Wood Floor Cleaning.

If your wood floors are looking dull and dirty then it may me time to have them cleaned. We specialize in wood floor cleaning in the Fresno and Clovis area.
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Wood floor cleaning in Fresno and clovis 

There are so many different styles of wood to choose from.

Oak, Maple, Cherry, Bamboo, Pecan, are just some of the woods that are available in todays market.  These can come in solid wood or engendered wood. All are fantastic choices for a your home.  It is important that you understand your maintenance options so you can get the most out of whichever floor you choose for years to come.


Once your floors are installed then what?

Some floors are very resilient while others can be very soft, and easily scratched or dented.  Some finishes are very strong and will last many years with little maintenance. others will require more attention through the years.

Don’t wait too long to have your wood floor cleaning done.

Waiting too long  to have your wood floor cleaning done is the biggest mistake that you can make when you have wood in your home.  As years go by dirt and sand will slowly dig into the surface of your wood floor. The more time goes by the more this wears through the protective layer on your floor.  Once that layer is compromised your floor is unprotected.  At that point your floor can be damaged at its core.  What that means to you is a sand and finish will be your only option to remedy the damage to your floor.  So don’t let time get away from you.  Call today and let us evaluate the condition of your floor, and we can let you know what type of wood floor cleaning is best for your floor.

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Maintenance options

You have options when you plan to have your wood floors cleaned properly.  Once we evaluate your floor we can properly advise you on the proper option for your particular situation.

Wood floor cleaning and polishing

This process involves an aggressive cleaning followed by a final polish of the floor being cleaned.

Clean and wax

Some floors require the application of wax as a protective layer.  This process involves an aggressive cleaning followed by an application of floor wax.  As a final step the floor is buffed to a beautiful shine.

Wet refinish

This process involves and aggressive cleaning followed by prepping of the floor to accept new finish.  Once the floor is prepped the floor can be refinished with a new layer of polyurethane.  This process can add many years to your floor by avoiding the removal of a layer of wood from your floor.  It can also be done in a single day and you can resume light traffic the same day.
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